Monday, July 23, 2007

NECC Conference

It appears that there was a great deal of interesting material presented at the NECC conference this year. With so much innovation taking place in educational technology I bet everyone can find informative and applicably material for his or her classroom.
If there is one thing that will always amazes me about the Internet it would be youtube. I think the ability to easily communicate with video is most compelling reason to use the Internet daily. Once I saw youtube, I knew that in not too long of a time period there would be a teacher version. Teachertube allows educators to share educational video for purpose of effectively engaging students. I am sure that many teachers agree that when used appropriately, video is an excellent way to instruct students. Video allows teachers to show factual images that convey the exact message they want students to receive. I also think that if students are aware that the video is from teachertube, they may search out more information on their own.
Funny how with all this great communication, which can border on entertainment that companies, have now begun designing software to prevent employees from enjoying the Internet at work. According the Spectorsoft software company employees spend an estimated 45 minutes a day doing non-work related Internet searching a reading. I guess the temptation is too great for many of us. Knowing a couple people who spend the majority of their day on the Internet for non-work related material, they have told me similar stories. That they are not challenged by their job and believe that the Internet use is going undetected. One of them also just left their job I wonder if monitoring software such as that made by spectorsoft has anything to do with it.
On a more serious not, there are not many facets of education that are more important writing. Many students struggle to communicate their ideas effectively, and require substantial additional instruction to stay at pace with their classmates. is designed to allow students to practice their writing skills online after school has ended. offers guidance for the writing process, tips for topics, editor’s checklist, and an electronic portfolio to store and display student’s work. Websites like this represent the best of educational technology. Allowing all students to develop the basics has a beneficial ripple effect throughout the academic career.

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