Sunday, June 10, 2007

Article: Decline of the Blogsoshere

Russo, A., (February 2007). The decline of the blogosphere. Educational Journal, Retrieved on June 8, 2007 from:

According to former senate education staffer and journalist Alexander Russo we have entered the decline of the blogosphere. What has signaled this decline? Well, it may be the fact that those who are blogging are not ready anyone else’s blog. The next question would be, why is that important? It would certainly appear that there is an intrinsic value in the process of putting ones thoughts down a virtual piece of paper. While people blog, they organize and develop their ideas. They (the blogger) consider social implications and look for reinforcement for their opinions. The problem with people not reading anyone’s else blog is that the blogger is able to develop their theories and continue unchecked if what the have theorized is morally wrong or factually incorrect. Often people whom blog, blog about subjects of deep personal interest with passion. In an n attempt to win support for their opinion blogers make their argument and assume they are correct unless someone challenges tem on it. As blogging becomes part of the mainstream educational landscape educators will have to take steps to prevent this “misuse” of blogs. To unlock the total educational vale of blogging students will not only have to write, but read and discuss other people’s work evaluating its merit.

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