Tuesday, June 12, 2007


As I continue to read the Horton book I am continually overwhelmed. I cannot believe how many different software companies make authoring tools. There are hundreds of questions a person has to ask before choosing an authoring tool. I am trying to find one specific authoring tool to research for assignment number 2. I will probably use iWeb consider it is already on my Mac. I wonder if there is still the large profession making and managing websites for the fortune five- hundred companies. I believe most of those jobs were outsourced to India. Shame, I hope that does not diminish the value of e-learning. I think e- learning might be just about the best idea in education over the last two decades. Looking at Horton’s list of what you need to know first I am glad I do not have anyone paying me for my first website. To make a serious site, it is defiantly going to have to be a team effort. There is simply too much to do

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