Saturday, June 16, 2007


As education embraces technology, new methods and techniques will be experimented on. The large-scale experiments will be performed at charter schools all over the United Stated, and their results will be share in order to create a more perfect educational system. “ Pilot schools will be instrumental in the developing of the new multimedia platform as an educational resources (Mehta, S. 2005).” One of these new schools experimenting with technology use is the Marin school of Arts and Technology (MSAT). At MSAT students are experimenting with this new type of software that allow them to create multimedia presentations for the purpose of learning history. The software being used is designed by a company named Groupsmart of San Francisco, California. Their MemoryMinr’s software is “ a project based learning expierience in the arts and technology design to engage high school students (Mehta, S.).” Students use achieves of still and motion photography and audio recordings to create interactive, first hands accounts of major historical events. The goal being that the use of technology will captivate the students, and add weight to the primary sources they are organizing. Groupsmart has an archive of thousands of primary sources that can be access through the Internet on a nation wide database. Memoryminer is available free of charge to any school will to participate through a grant program developed by the Groupsmart cooperation. They provide individual training, workshops, and support to both teachers and administrators utilizing their software. Groupsmart is thrilled about the results they have seen schools experience while working with the program. “ We are thrilled that MSAT, one of the most advanced schools in the nation in terms of making technology work for education, was able to be a pilot school for this program said John Fox CEO of Groupsmart.
It is companies like Groupsmart and schools like MSAT that are the future of education. The technological needs of students and teachers will need to be met by companies will to think out side the box, and build large- scale information networks like the one used for Memoryminer. As we continue to refine our use of authoring tools and technology we look to companies and schools to show us how they being used and can be improved. In all likelihood programs like Memoryminer will be at large- scale use in traditional high schools throughout America.

Mehta, S,. (December, 2005) Groupsmarts announces memoryminer 1.0 school pilot program.

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